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Welcome to Pegasus Stables

We have come to love this magnificent animal, therefore we are committed to preserving the old traditional Rocky Mountain horse bloodlines. We breed, raise, train, show and sell Rockies.  We use natural horsemanship training methods to teach mutual respect between horse and rider.  Whether on the trail, on the rail, or a therapeutic class, our Rockies continue to change lives.

We also operate a 100-acre farm in Taylorsville, Kentucky, just fifteen minutes away from Pegasus Stables allowing us to rotate pastures. It's a heavenly place where a horse can be at freedom. 

If you're looking to add a Rocky to your family or just spend a day on the farm, visit our stables and see why we're hooked on this magnificent Kentucky breed.

     Bill & Peg Edwards

Our family-owned and operated farm is located in Mt. Washington, KY, 

just fifteen minutes south of Louisville and ninety minutes from the Kentucky Horse

Park in Georgetown, KY.  We were blessed with Pegasus Stables in 1989. Our purpose

for Pegasus Stables is to make a difference in someone's life.

In 1995, we bought our first Rocky Mountain Horse which brought us so much joy

and fulfillment. The RM horse is a breed treasured for their calm, gentle

temperament, friendly nature and ambling 4-beat gait.  They are known for 

strong hearts and natural endurance.  Their surefootedness on rough ground make them ideal for trail riding in addition to showing, driving and therapeutic riding as well as many other equestrian games one might pursue.  Rocky Mountain horses are truly "one horse for all occasions".

Rockies have the innate ability to adjust to the individual skill level of the rider making them very effective in serving the mentally and physically handicapped youth and adults through our therapeutic riding program, Peg's Therapeutic Ponies, Inc.  


Home to two International Grand Champions

Enjoy a video viewing of Pegasus Stables




Peg's Paco

2014 Triple Crown










Peg's Laci



2005 RMHA










God made the horse

from the breath of

the wind

the beauty of

the earth,

and the soul

of an angel.



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