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Peg's Therapeutic Ponies


Established in 1998, Peg's Therapeutic Ponies, Inc. is a 

non-profit organization dedicated to fostering safe, professional, ethical and therapeutic equine activities through education, communication, and research for people with and without disabilities. Introducing individuals to our Rocky Mountain horses with their docile temperaments, easy dispositions, and willingness to please, allows our clients to ride, relax and recover. 


Having worked in the social services field for over 25 years and realizing the many benefits working with horses can have on people, I embraced the opportunity to incorporate the two.   I became a certified  P.A.T.H. instructor (Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International) and have found bringing horses and individuals together very rewarding.

                                            ~ Peg Edwards


To donate, volunteer or enroll a special needs rider in Peg's Therapeutic Ponies,  call (502) 538-4496
or email Peg Edwards at
Enrollment forms:
Medical Release Form   
Parent/Guardian Form  
Equine Form


Ride, Relax & Recover on a Rocky


​Horseback riding helps mentally and physically challenged people achieve a quality of life that is improved, enhanced and enriched.  The therapeutic qualities of horseback riding are recognized by many medical professionals, including the American Physical Therapy Association and the American Occupational Association.  Based on input from doctors, therapists, teachers, and parents,​ the student's individual goals are designed to complement ongoing therapy and education. 


Though each rider has specific therapeutic objectives, instruction in horse and rider safety, proper horse care & handling, basic horse anatomy, communication and riding skills can improve self-esteem, self-control, self-discipline, independence, communication, anger management and more.  Individuals of all ages, disabilities and conditions utilize therapeutic horseback riding and other equine activities.

The Benefits of Horseback riding:

The three-dimensional motion of the horse provides the rider hip and back action that simulates natural walking.  Riding relaxes and strengthens muscles and improves body tone, posture, flexibility, balance, joint mobility and coordination.


Contact with horses and horsemanship training provides a non-competitive setting for learning.  The unique relationship formed with the horse can lead to increased confidence, patience, self-esteem, self-discipline, and improved concentration.​  


Horseback riding nurtures a positive self-image. Riders may, for the first time in their lives, experience some independence and a sense of being part of a team.

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